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The subtitle read, "a site for blogging obsessions." Whose obsessions? Mine of course.

What obsessions? You'll soon find out.

This site is also all about RANDOMNESS.

The real thing starts in the next entry.

I don't expect any readers here but if I do have, well, thanks!


Johnny's West on VS Arashi

Just saw the VS Arashi episode where they had the kouhai group Johnny's West as guests. I've always liked it when Arashi interacts with other J&A groups whether sempai or kouhai. I must admit my favorite is when they have Kanjani8 as guests. Those guys are so funny.

When I was new in the Arashi fandom 9 years ago, I've dipped my toes in other J&A groups as well especially NewS and KAT-TUN. They were the popular groups back then. However, I fell completely in love with Arashi and those other groups had their stuff going on too - mainly Yamapi and Jin going solo and I realized I really like cohesive groups - and I just focused my attention to Arashi. It's really time consuming to be their fan, you know. They star in so many dramas, they have their own variety shows and they appear in a lot of magazines. Add real life and it became difficult to get to know other J&A groups. It's not that I'm not interested, it's just I simply don't have time to be interested.

After watching that VS Arashi ep, I find myself curious about Johnny's West and I want to check them out. I also want to check out other groups like Hey Say Jump and Sexy Zone. I remember seeing a Sexy Zone PV shown in a local Jpop Mini Festival here and I also remember being curious about them. But I guess nothing panned out.

Let's see if I find time. 

Arashi concerts

I've spent the whole weekend watching Arashi's concerts. I was able to download subbed videos for the MCs and digest of 5x10 and one livejournal comm uploaded some of the past concerts albeit raw.

It's just amazing how I can never get tired of it. I've seen 5x10 so many times and I still enjoy it and I always found new stuff when I watch again.

Someday I hope to experience this too. 


rekindling my DnA love ♥

I'm starting to watch D no Arashi again! And I'm so glad some of Taijiproject's links are still working. I love love this variety show. Up until now, it's still my favorite.


Just making a quick post about this because I am so damn excited, I can't help it!
Is that Tom Cruise? Is that Cameron Diaz?Collapse )


K no Arashi postcards

Yosh! I'm on a roll today. I've managed to post 3 entries ~ I can't believe it. Wow, what an achievement. 

This is a bit late but I just want to share my postcards for the K no Arashi project. It's nothing creative actually. I just bought some postcards from the local bookstore, wrote some short messages (in freakin' hiragana and katakana because I majorly suck in kanji) and voila, instant contribution!

postcards to Japan...Collapse )


My Arashi babies

I saw a post from an LJ user who did this. I found it so cute and thought that I'll try it for myself.

Cute babies are cute...Collapse )




So, my friend asked me, "Why do you only posts about Arashi and random stuff like reviews, anime etc? Why don't you post about your life, your work, your relationship, your family or anything that would enable me to know how you are feeling right now?"
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(You might say that this is really late but I wrote this on my laptop in a place where I have no internet access and just didn’t have the time to actually post it online. So, yeah, let’s pretend I posted this last Wednesday, September 15, 2010)

11 years ago, on this very same day, something happened that changed the lives of 5 boys that in turn changed the lives of thousands of girls all over the world.


Let's open the time capsule...Collapse )







Long due Arashi news post

  (warning: full of epic, awesome stuff; as usual lots of sparkles and glitters and rainbows) 
I have been on hiatus since April this year. Though I have not missed any Arashi news, this blog has. So, to make up for it, I'm gonna compile the most newsworthy among Arashi news.
And then they hit us with rainbow sparkles one after the another...Collapse )